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Message from the CEO 


Health Medic Company Limited is committed to provide high quality medical supplies and equipment to healthcare providers. We also emphasize on supporting and promoting technical knowledge and innovation for the healthcare providers to apply the knowledge of advanced and safe treatments for patients. Health Medic strives for human resource development of the organization on academic knowledge and precised customer service in order to help healthcare providers to take care of patients. This is one of our prides to take part in providing modern innovation to healthcare providers. Health Medic is engaged in the business of medical supplies and equipment in Thailand. Our principle is based on precised customer service, being responsible and honest to employees, customers and society. 


History Health Medic Company Limited


History Health Medic Company Limited by Dr. Withaya Chanchai, Chief Executive Officer, started the business of importation of high quality, world class medical supplies and equipment. The company procured and selected products that have modern innovation and suited with the requirements of healthcare providers at present. 


We partner with companies in America, Europe and Asia. Currently, our businesses are divided into 4 major areas as follows: Sharp and Waste Containers Health Medic is the official distributor and leader in the business of sharp and waste disposal containers for medical supplies. We are distributor of high quality products from Italy, AP MEDICAL® brand, which emphasizes the safety of principal users and environmental friendly. The products are certified for quality assurance from America and Europe. Moreover, we are also the first and only supplier of sharp and waste containers with variety of sizes. Apart from supplying the containers, we also provide the service for disposal of medical supplies after the operations and provide consultancy regarding biosecurity for the entire system of the hospital by professional security officers. This will enhance the confidence for the hospitals leading to quality standard systems such as HA, JCI, ISO, etc. 


High Quality Disinfectants and Cleaning Solutions for Medical Equipment Health Medic is the official distributor of disinfectants and cleaning solutions, Dr.DEPPE brand from Germany, which are high level disinfectants. The products are divided into enzyme disinfectants (concentrated), the enzyme cleaning solutions and disinfectants of microorganisms - BVDN, Vaccinia, HBV, HIV, anti-microbial (effective against all enveloped viruses). They are used for soaking scientific tools, medical equipment, especially endoscopes. It is suitable for both rigid and flexible endoscopes as well as medical equipment for general surgery and orthopedic surgery. The high level disinfectant (Sporicidal), concentrated cleaning and disinfection solutions for microorganisms, are used for soaking scientific tools, glassware, surgical instruments, supplies for operations room. They are also used for cleaning containers, clothes and general medical equipment in the hospitals, or cleaning contaminated surface. 

Lubricant Health Medic proudly presents lubricant, OPTIMUM MEDICAL brand from England, which is well accepted and used worldwide, especially in England where the market share is over 80%. We also import anesthetic gel, which helps make it more convenient for surgeons when placing urinary catheter in patient’s body. 

Food Supplements Health Medic is the distributor of chewable collagen peptide. 


The philosophy


Behind the company’s business operation comprises of vision, mission and values for work among the organization’s human resources as stated below: Vision We are committed to be the leading importer of medical supplies and equipment of Thailand that provide service of distributing complete medical supplies and equipment with modern technology and efficient management and administration systems. We will continually develop our quality with our capable and ethical human resources. Mission We are importer of medical supplies and equipment that are effective and in accordance with international standards in order to serve the requirements of healthcare providers in all the fields of treatments. Values The company has specified the values for our business operation in order to achieve the vision and mission: By realizing the importance of innovation and technology related to healthcare providers in all fields of treatments, including studying the requirements of healthcare providers and customers on providing knowledge, product distribution and after sales service, by serving customer requirements through our qualified and efficient human resources.






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